Emmet autocompletes any non-abbreviation text into a tag/element


This causes issues when I try to tab to another element after having typed something.

I’m sure I’m missing something simple. Maybe a key-binding issue?


That’s just what Emmet does. It tries to expand an abbreviation unless there are tabstops active (because a snippet has just been expanded) or the text is selected or it has no idea what you’d want to do with the current text.


Sorry if I seem dense :slight_smile:, but this means anytime tab is hit after any text, it will become an HTML tag?
like if I type, or put my cursor at the end of:
then hit tab, I get:
< sometext > < / sometext >

If, so. Any way to make it only autocomplete abbreviations on hitting tab?


As far as I can see, not without tweaking the package code.

What do you need tabs after text for?


As I’m reading this, I realize how needles it was…
I had assumed that I could tab through elements, kind of like Ctrl+Alt+Right/Left.
I see I need to read more on the keybindings and functionality.

Thanks for the input.