Embed Ionic 2 App in Electron as Desktop Application



I am completely new to Electron framework, heard about it just a week ago. So I read around on Electron and created a few sample apps also by following some online videos. It needs a mindset change with some adjustments but it is indeed a great way to cut the efforts of developing multi-platform application(s) by at least half.

I was also able to embed some Angular 2 applications into Electron to get a Desktop version of those applications. Works great!

Next I am trying to embed an Ionic 2 app into Electron. I am sure I am not doing some setting somewhere right. I mean I get the main HTML I have for Ionic but it only shows the Title of the HTML in my Electron Desktop application window title bar. It doesn’t load the actual Ionic 2 app. The ionic app doesn’t really have much just a few different components are getting displayed.

I would highly appreciate if somebody can please guide me in the right direction or give some pointers on how to do this.

Here is the project structure of my app:

Sorry, it doesn’t allow me to upload my package.json file and a new user is allowed to upload only one image. If I get an option I will upload the image of my package.json file as a reply to this original post so that you can see that also.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


In continuation to my original post, I am posting an image of my package.json file for your reference:

Thank you all in advance for this much needed help!