Embed Electron app into existing WinForms application


Need to integrate electron applications into an existing win forms application as a frame. Is this something supported or on the roadmap? This would be a killer feature as my current WinForms application is huge and we’re slowly moving things over to Javascript and the web. Having the ability to slowly integrate parts of our application as electron web pages inside of our existing application would be a huge win over embedding an Internet Explorer COM object. Using the Chrome frame would also be a big win as the ability to embed IE as an object in WinForms becomes more questionable on Windows 10 and up as Edge has been set to replace IE, so what is the future for embedding IE in WinForms.


I can say that this isn’t really the target use of Electron. I’m also not sure that it can be used in this way as it is currently designed. I’ll see what I can find out though.


Confirmed with the developers that this scenario isn’t supported and this isn’t a capability that the Electron team is planning to target at this time.

Electron could be forked by someone interested and the startup code could be rewritten so that the WinForms app would handle the window and building the frame that Electron draws in. But that would be up to the person or organization building that capability.