Embed electron app inside another electron app


I have two electron applications and I wanted to embed one electron app inside another. Is this possible? If so, can you point me to a useful resource that can help me do this?


You can do anything with Electron that you can do with a web app and a browser.


Can you point me to a resource on how to do this?


Thanks for clarifying.


Have your first app open a web page that contains the second app.

For any more detailed recommendations, you will have to define what you mean by “embed inside”. Your problem statement is vague.


By embed, I mean instead of redirecting to a my second app to do something, I can simply run the second app inside the first one. Similar to having google maps inside my own app instead of redirecting to google maps, have the user enter in the information there and then returning back to my app. Similar to web frame functionality. I want do this something similar with my electron apps. Hope to hear from you soon on how I can do this.


You could use that, if you want to. I think the recommended way to do it in Electron is to use the <webview> tag.


Okay, thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile:


how can i embed an electron app inside another electron app if the app to be embedded is also in exe format? Don’t think web views or web frames can work for exe file embedding right?


You would embed the second Electron app by getting its source code and running it as a web app inside a <webview> tag.

If you want any more help, you’ll have to be less vague.


Webview allows us to embed url of one app into another. But there does not see a way to embed two exe files onto each other, for ex: one hello world exe files inside another


Which specific application are you looking to embed in something else?


it could be a simple hello world app inside another hello world app


Okay. Have App 2 print Hello World to stdout, then have App 1 start it with Node’s process module and print the results.