Emacs Flow Package


Continuing the discussion from Tab key behavior:

I tossed together a package that creates a command for auto-indenting the current line. It’s called Emacs Flow. I used the following in my keymap to map it to the TAB key to make it behave more like Emacs:

  'tab': 'emacs-flow:auto-indent'

I expect to add a couple more Emacs-like features tied to indentation and wrapping to the package over time.


Is there anything else out there like this that is still maintained? I have a class in which I have to use Emacs to write Elisp, which I use for the most part, but only because I can’t do some of the things that I need to do with Atom (at least to my knowledge). For example, the indentation that occurs with Elisp files and the ability to evaluate lines and functions.