Emacs editing key support


I’d like to be able to support more emacs-style editing (open and close mark, M-x open command palette, C-x o to switch buffers, etc). The bindings don’t have to come default but the ability to bind emacs keys to these actions would be great. I’m always on the lookout for an editor to replace Emacs but it does have some nice functionality I’d like to preserve.


Check out http://atom.io/docs/latest/customizing-atom#customizing-key-bindings, it explains how to rebind commands.


There aren’t commands that do what I mentioned (open and close mark, M-x to open command palette, C-x o to switch buffers, etc) as far as I can see. Maybe they exist and I just don’t know the names. Could you be more specific?


You can see a list of most commands if you press cmd-, and click the keybindings item on the left side. We don’t have open/close mark commands. But you can see command-palette:toggle and pane:show-next-item.


Here’s the humble beginnings of one GitHubber’s keymap file:

  'ctrl-x 0': 'pane:close'
  'ctrl-x 1': 'pane:close-other-items'
  'ctrl-x 2': 'pane:split-down'
  'ctrl-x 3': 'pane:split-right'
  'ctrl-x ctrl-s': 'core:save'
  'alt-x': 'command-palette:toggle'


Check out atomic-emacs. As of now it’s a very small subset of emacs keybindings. Some of the usual emacs keybindings aren’t exposed in the settings pane, hence the need to access the Editor API to create wrappers for those keybindings. I’m currently dogfooding it and I’ll be pushing more updates tonight. Pull requests and feature requests are welcome :smile: