"Emacs' Dired equivalent in Atom" or "Tree view alternatives"


Are there something similar to emacs’ dired in atom?

In atom if I use tree view. I can only open one folder and its subfolders. However there are many cases I need to open files outside those folders.

With dired you can easily switch between directories. Are there something similar packages fo atom? Or would you please recommend some alternatives other than tree view?

Many thanks!


You misunderstand what the tree view is. Atom is designed with the idea that each window is a “project”. The tree view displays the set of folders you have open for that project. You can easily add additional folders to your project with the Add Project Folder menu item (it’s both in the context menu and under File). You can use a project management package to store these multiple paths and reopen them (in order to get back to the editor state you had last time). If you want to open a single file without adding another project folder, the standard File -> Open File menu item works fine.

This FAQ entry has more information on the way Atom thinks about projects and its logic when starting up:


If I might add a small piece of advice to what @DamnedScholar just said, a quick solution for the file opening issue only is the advanced-open-file package, that allows you to quickly open any file on your system without take your hands off the keyboard. It is actually quite handy.