Electron with Video Capture and Serial


Hi All

We are looking to build an app which (amongst other things which are nice for web technologies / core features I think for electron) requires the ability to show, save and get current timestamp of a video feed coming from a usb or PCIe video card, and read from a serial port.

Is that something which Electron would do, or a step too far away from the framework?

We are a web company so developing in Electron would be more familar to more people.
We have C programmers also, but obviously make this build harder.

Thanks for any input you may have!


You can certainly implement the things you’ve described in an Electron app, but there’s nothing like that built-in, so you’ll probably need to write some native code and use one of the usual JS/native inter-op approaches:

  • ffi Node module.
  • Native Node module that wraps native code/libs and expose a JS API.
  • Chromium Pepper Plugin
  • Custom fork of Electron

Note that some of what you need is probably already available in NPM, for example https://www.npmjs.com/package/serialport