Electron with image analysis


Hi all,

Electron seems like a cool tool!

I’d like to use this to be a “view engine” more or less for an application which would need to be analyzing images. I’m not comfortable enough with C++ to be able to write the analysis in that, so I’ve been using python/numpy/Pillow to do it instead. I’m wondering if there is a way I can include my analysis package along with the electron app.

There are tools for converting python programs to standalone executables, but numpy could be a pretty large library to include… any ideas?

Another option I was thinking was to have the python stuff run on a server, so I could just send it the extracted data from the image (which are two 2400 bit hashes, the capture time, and some kind of color histogram). However, then I’d need to extract this information so that I’m not trying to upload bajillions of photos.
If there were a library (in js/node) that’s fast and allows for things like converting to LAB space, image resizing, reading of pixels, etc, that would be very useful.

If any one has any ideas on how to make either a fully packaged desktop version, or a desktop client with image analysis capabilities, please let me know! I just need color space conversion, resizing, reading EXIF data, and reading each pixel of the image.
I expect to be working 98% with JPEG, but if there’s something cross-format that would be even more awesome.

Also, how do electron apps manage their internal storage? Do you just store a db file on the filesystem, or what?

Thank you!