Electron webview permissionrequest event?


I’m attempting to get a <webview> to load https://twilio-client-support.herokuapp.com/ and pass the permission request test.

When loading this page through the <webview> the permission check returns: Twilio Client User denied access to microphone, or the web browser did not allow microphone access at this address. Loading this in Chrome brings up the microphone access dialog I would expect it to.

In my current Chrome Application <webview> I’m able to circumvent this with the permissionrequest event.

I’ve tried the webSecurity = false on the BrowserWindow along with:

<webview id="webview" src="https://twilio-client-support.herokuapp.com/" disablesecurity></webview>

Does electron have a way around this issue with <webview>? Am I doing the disable security wrong?


Turns out you need to have a microphone plugged in. I thought I did but those pesky USB ports are always changing. My bad.