Electron + webrtc

I’m new at electron and javascript. Also new to webRTC. But … the challenge I have is to create an electron application that will pick up audio from a specific windows app. So the use case looks something like this:

a) user running windows 10 launches myelectron app
b) user is able to see a list of running windows application (picking is not important. I can even hard code for now)
c) user selects WindowsAppXYZ… which emits / plays videos / audio
d) we need to be able to capture / show the audio / video from the specific application (wihtout capturing the entire desktop sound / display) in myelectron app.

is webrtc the right way to go? Do have any other suggestions?


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@corserp I see. I’m really sorry but I don’t have time to test this platform. If you have a solution either post here or email me pls? I don’t understand your question when you ask “what site am i on”.

@jldev this is not possible with the built in electron desktopCapturer apis which can capture video only from individual windows or screens. On Windows, it can system audio, but the entire desktop is the one and only option there. All or nothing basically.

This may be possible using native Windows apis, but this is not an electron feature on its own and would be difficult to achieve.