Electron Vue webpack

I’m trying electron using the electron quick start clone from github. I would like to use render functions rather than templates. On the index.js generated there is the .$mount("#app"). How would one load e.g. an app.js file that will contain all js code (logic,render…) without using .vue files. i.e. Inject a .js file in .$mount("#app")

Will appreciate the assistance.

The Electron quick start doesn’t use Vue at all, so I’m not sure where you’re starting from, but here’s the Vue documentation on how to use render functions.

Under the renderer folder there is the index.js file that has a line (“src”, “https://unpkg.com/vue”). Thought with that included one can use vue capabilities. Generally I want to have one app.js file that contains all my code. (Logic, create element etc) Trying to figure if one should call this from the main or renderer.

also found this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oL7vIDkDOsg