Electron terminal instead of browser


Hi, I’m looking to package a terminal only node.js app in electron. I know you can specify a BrowserWindow, but is there a way to expose a terminal window instead so that the user can just straight up interact with the app via a terminal.

Or is there a good JavaScript browser terminal emulator that someone can recommend?

Thanks everyone!


There’s nothing stopping you from writing an application that never opens a BrowserWindow. On the other hand, you might be better off just using Node for that since Electron would be bringing in all of Chromium that you’ll never use.


Yea I just want to be able to package the app up and have it be portable because the intended audience for this app will not have Node installed and I just don’t want them to have to deal with installing Node to run the app. So I was hoping that Electron maybe had something that exposes something like a TerminalWindow to use.


No, that’s not what it is designed for. You can use all the standard Node stuff to interface with stdin, stdout and stderr, but there’s no special libraries that make any of that easier.


Thanks for the advice!