Electron startDrag target OS path (Native File Drag & Drop)


I have been playing around with the file system drag and drop functionality of Electron apps.

What I want:

  1. I need to know , if I drag a div out of electron app into OS ,
    I just want to know target Os path.
  2. I am not interested in copying file operation to that path as i have my custom logic

Similar Solutions:
I know about these solutions but I am not interested in as my goal is know target OS path. All these issues address drag and drop files out of electron app into OS .

  1. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43209509/is-it-possible-to-drag-a-remote-file-out-of-electron-app-onto-the-file-system
  2. https://electronjs.org/docs/tutorial/native-file-drag-drop

I posted here as well.


similar behavior with File-Zilla displaying path after drag onto OS