Electron, sqlite, datatables and ipc


Hello everyone
I’m developing a desktop application with electron.
I got my database on a SQLite file (for offline/online reason)
i’m parsing the DB using SQL.js, and rendering the data on a datatable (datatables.net).
my tables have so many rows (500k) that looking around the web, everybody suggests to use a “server-side” query for parsing data. Looking around with Electron, seems that “ipc” is the solution.
I need to pass the query to a js file that parses the DB and get me the JSON to use as data of the datatable.

i’m trying to understand how ipc works, and if is the right solution, but seems nobody else can help.

What am i doing wrong?

i got my index.js wich is the main response
an index.html file as renderer
and db.js who performs query and must return results.

any idea?!