Electron Spreadsheet App


Has anyone attempted a spreadsheet app in Electron? Since OnlyOffice has now open sourced everything I thought there might be an opportunity to port some of their apps over to Electron. It’s huge, I know but is it even worth looking at?


Interesting proposition. I would not personally find it more useful than LibreOffice is, but if you believe that having OnlyOffice as a desktop application would be a useful solution for you, that alone would be worth it.

It’s quite possible to set up an Electron wrapper that simply imports a web app at build time and displays it, with the Electron-specific code handling things that the browser usually does. That’s how Wordpress Desktop works. I can think of a few possible reasons why it might not be the same for a random web app not designed to be plugged into Electron, but an initial consideration of the obstacle suggests that it should be possible to make any web app work in Electron by just emulating a sufficient number of browser functions (there are actual browsers built from Electron - Min and Brave).

I think it’s worth exploring. I also think that the result of your exploration is likely to be a conclusion that you could easily build a wrapper and plug in the latest stable OnlyOffice code. If that’s the case, then there’s no reason to not do it if you would find it useful.


Thanks, that’s very encouraging. Funny, I was just looking at Wordpress Desktop a few minutes ago. I’m going to dig into this further. You’re correct in the fact that I’d be duking it out with some heavy hitters on the desktop. I guess the only value-add by doing this would be to extend the reach of OnlyOffice to a certain extent.


The most important value-add is if you yourself would use it and find it more effective than the open-source office suite options. If it fills a need for you, then there will surely be some other people who have similar unmet needs. What you’re proposing would do things differently from the existing desktop applications, and for some people, it might be better. You could play up that difference. This tool would be about editing things all remotely, with no files touching the user’s hard drive unless they want them to (even if the server in this case is the user’s hard drive). Make it seamless. Make it so that someone can install your app on two computers on their local network and share files between them without thinking about it, because the app handles the process of setting up a server.

I haven’t used OnlyOffice and don’t know how user-friendly it is out of the box, but someone wrapping a web app with Electron is taking control of the outermost shell of user interface, the one usually mediated by an indifferent browser. You can do a lot in that layer to make life easy for the user who isn’t getting into it for privacy or data management reasons, but just edits a lot of things on the go.


I like where you’re going with this. I forgot to mention in my initial post that I wanted to investigate the security aspect of this proposed architecture and use that as part of the platform differentiation. I’ve just came off a 1 month deep dive into blockchain tech and end to end secure networks like MaidSafe and Enigma. I firmly believe that the next generation of applications need to be built as security-first applications whether they’re desktop, cloud, web, or whatever.

I really think there needs to be a new internet like they talk about at Brave Software.



Have you checked out Cozy yet? It’s a virtual machine server distribution that’s designed to allow users to self-host services similar to the many peripheral services that sites like Google provide, but with full access to and control of your data.


No I haven’t, I’ll check that out, thanks.


Hey there,
I know, it might be a little late to reply. But in case if anyone looking for a working example “how to use goggle spreadsheet using electron” can use https://github.com/subhendukundu/Electron-GoogleSheet
Hope this will help.


this is no really the same thing :slight_smile: integrating a Spreadsheet software is different from connecting to retrieve from a Spreadsheet datasource.