Electron - Sending Sysex message via the Web MIDI API crashes renderer


I’m working on an Electron app, my first one, that can send sysex (system exclusive) MIDI messages to a MIDI device and every time I try to send the sysex message the renderer crashes. I can send non-sysex messages to the device without issue.

In the web browser, Chrome only, you need to have a secure connection and request user permission to be able to send sysex messages. I’m wondering if these two Web MIDI requirements are causing this crash as I’m unclear on how to satisfy these conditions in the context of an Electron app.

Thank You


Can you file a bug with repro steps on crbug.com?


Hi Chris,
Here’s the Issue 526243



This has been fixed in Electron 0.32.1. More info here : https://github.com/atom/electron/issues/2669