Electron.. Requests Display in devtools - Network



in index.html:

<webview id="webview1" src="http://www.example.com/" autosize="on"></webview>

in Renderer.js:

var webview = document.getElementById("webview1");
webview.addEventListener("did-start-loading", function(){ webview.openDevTools(); });

I’m using:
Electron version: 1.6.2
Operating system: Windows7

Expected behavior:

all requests are displayed in dev tool -> network
especially the first request (type : document)

Request URL:http://www.example.com/

This request is not displayed in devtools -> Network
If i press F5, it appears, but i need to display it without pressing F5

Actual behavior:

All request are diplayed, EXCEPT the first one.
The first query is never displayed

Can you help me to display the first sent request?

Thank you