Electron: Read a Zip File as a Folder

I am writing an Electron app which will a allow a user to view a MarkDown document. The document may contain references to images.

Currently, it works if I open the document itself with the images in the same directory, but I would like to be able to open a Zip file complete with document and images.

I don’t want the app to write anything back to the disk, so I don’t want to actually extract the contents of the zip file.

Is there a way to process a zip file as a virtual folder?

If the only way is using another method, that should be ok, as long as it’s a single file.

node-stream-zip looks like it might be what you’re after

Whatever you do you’re going to be extracting the content to read it, I assume you just mean you don’t want it extracted and saved to disk

Probably more trouble than it’s worth, but Electron has asar support patched into fs. So if you really want an archive file to just behave like a directory and don’t care what it is, asar is an option