Electron Quick Start crashes on Windows 7 Pos Ready 32bits


I have the strong problems with electron on this base:
- electron: 1.3.4 (node: 6.3.0 & Chromium: 52.0.2743.82)
- OS: Windows 7 Pos Ready 32bits
- CPU: Intel Celeron CPU G1820 2.7GHz

Sometimes, when we start app the chromium window freezes on ~ 30- 60 sec, and then it’s render process crashed with this event object:

[render crashed]
{ preventDefault: [Function: preventDefault],
   WebContents {
     webContents: [Circular],
     history: [],
     currentIndex: -1,
     pendingIndex: -1,
     inPageIndex: -1,
      { 'navigation-entry-commited': [Function],
        'ipc-message': [Function],
        'ipc-message-sync': [Function],
        'pepper-context-menu': [Function],
        'devtools-reload-page': [Function],
        '-page-title-updated': [Function],
        'will-navigate': [Function],
        'did-navigate': [Function],
        destroyed: [Object],
        'devtools-opened': [Function],
        '-new-window': [Function],
        move: [Function],
        activate: [Function],
        'page-title-updated': [Function],
        'did-fail-load': [Function],
        crashed: [Function] },
     _eventsCount: 16,
     _maxListeners: 0,
      { fullscreen: true,
        frame: false,
        closable: false,
        kiosk: true,
        title: 'print_instvud',
        webPreferences: [Object],
        show: false } } }

This case was retried on https://github.com/electron/electron-quick-start.