Electron project with Typescript and hot reload


Does anyone have a sample Electron project I can use? I want to code in TypeScript and also have hot reload support built in, but I don’t want React. electron-forge has a React + TypeScript template (https://electronforge.io/templates) but I’m not sure how to rip out the React part and still keep the hot reloading piece in.


Removing React is the easiest thing in the world. Just go into the src/index.html and src/app.tsx files and delete everything that references react, then replace with your own code. However, the hot loader built into that template is react-hot-loader, so if you remove React, you can’t keep the reloading.


actually, I think I just figured out how to enable hot reload. I just needed to include and call the following:

import { enableLiveReload } from 'electron-compile';