Electron + Paddle?


I’m experimenting with Electron in a commercial (non open-source) application.

So far, I’ve been using Paddle, which just works lovely with its OSX framework.

My question is: is it feasible to integrate Electron with something like that? And if so, how? Any ideas?


Did you explore electron + paddle further? Conclusions?


Although paddle supplies its own framework for handling licencing and trials etc it’s easy enough to implement your own licence key system / activation service (if you wish) and have paddle supply serial numbers from either a list you have provided to paddle, or to have paddle query your server and retrieve a licence key to provide to the user.

I chose this method as it seemed easier and quicker and so far it’s working fine for me.


Interesting, I took a quick peek at their website and concluded it was a payment processor. I didn’t realise they handle license keys too.

Speaking of selling licenses, what are you folks doing with regard to securing an app and checking for a valid license? It’s too easy for someone to hack an app, even native code, so for my current commercial Electron app I’m not intending to do anything special, just get a key from the server and store it in a config file or local database. I could go crazy with encryption etc. but what’s the point, someone can break it if there’s incentive.


Essentially what you said there…

The code is minified to make it difficult to read, but as you say anyone who has an interest in doing so or time on their hands can go in and edit the code to remove the checks.

On first run app generates a unique id, when activating it sends that id and licence key to activation server, activation server responds with a yes/no and a code that is then stored locally.

When app is loaded and sporadically during its use in response to user actions, the apps code checks if the licence key exists, if the stored code is what it expects, if it decides it doesn’t it prompts to activate again.

Not particularly secure, but my user base isn’t that likely to go trying to bypass it.

If anyone has any better ways of handling licencing or securing the code I’d love to hear them also.