Electron packaged with electron-packager and License

I know the subject has been discussed, but maybe someone can have a complete answer.
At my company, we’re developing, as a part of our product, a UI app using Electron and Electron-Packager to package it as an executable.
We plan to distribute the whole product ( The UI is a small part of it ) as a paid product.
We also use some Node.js packages in the app.
I’m a bit confused about which licenses I need to include with the app.
Do I need to include only Electron’s license? Should I add the node.js packages’ licenses as well? Node.js license?
Also there is the issue of “LICENSES.chromium.html”, which contain some GPL licensed libraries. It doens’t make sense to me that Electron is MIT licensed, but use “Chromium” that has components licensed under GPL.


I cant find the reference but in one of the tutorials online, it say we can put our license files and our application dependencies in the LICENSE and LICENCES.chromium.html file. Default files are example files.