Electron over chromium


I see that Electron is based on CEF but why should someone use it instead of CEF?
Who runs faster?
Does Electron has all the functions that CEF has ?
Does Electron has pre-installed audio or it needs a special build?

I know that looks like a noob question but I saw that big companies use CEF instead of electron and this made me doubt


The Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) is a project that turns Chromium into a library, and provides stable APIs based on Chromium’s codebase. Very early versions of Atom editor and NW.js used CEF.

To maintain a stable API, CEF hides all the details of Chromium and wraps Chromium’s APIs with its own interface. So when we needed to access underlying Chromium APIs, like integrating Node.js into web pages, the advantages of CEF became blockers.

So in the end both Electron and NW.js switched to using Chromium’s APIs directly.

via Electron Blog

Microsoft uses Electron for Visual Studio Code and Skype Linux. And many other do as well.