Electron - open local Win program INSIDE the main app window

Hi devs,
I was extremely excited about Electron when I started working on a kiosk app, but at some point, I bumped into some fatal hurdles that I couldn’t get over.
One of the requirements was that the main app (besides being full-screen and lock user actions), needed to be able to open a local Windows10 program INSIDE the main app (E.g. Skype).
I found the way to open a local program, but it always opens next to the Electron app and the actual problem is that by doing that, it breaks out of the full-screen and shows the taskbar with both the main Electron app and the just-opened Win app.
Whatever I did and tried, I couldn’t make it hide the Wub taskbar or open it inside Electron (like C# seems to easily be able to do - from a tutorial I found).

In any case, I abandoned Electron because of these few block points for about half a year, but now I just wat to throw another question in here to see if others have any advices.

Thanks a lot for your time.