Electron on iOS / Android?


Intel scrapped crosswalk ( which is chromium port for android by intel ) .
Its time to port electron to android.

It have huge market because:

  • Developing with cordova is a hell without crosswalk. Many incompatiblity problems across androids versions and device vendor modifed webviews.
  • not everyone is running latest android version.
  • android default webview is very unstable up to android 6.0
  • not everyone does the system update of their rom all the .


I’m sure the Electron repo would take the pull request :wink:


There are a group of us trying to move this forward here https://github.com/gabrielcsapo/electron-mobile/issues/1 If you are interested please come help us out!


no serious IDE for android

I’d like to point out that once one has a local shell (connectbot, termux, etc) then they have vim already installed. But even going more “native android” there is vimtouch and vim is the perfict ide.