Electron on iOS / Android?


Intel scrapped crosswalk ( which is chromium port for android by intel ) .
Its time to port electron to android.

It have huge market because:

  • Developing with cordova is a hell without crosswalk. Many incompatiblity problems across androids versions and device vendor modifed webviews.
  • not everyone is running latest android version.
  • android default webview is very unstable up to android 6.0
  • not everyone does the system update of their rom all the .


I’m sure the Electron repo would take the pull request :wink:


There are a group of us trying to move this forward here https://github.com/gabrielcsapo/electron-mobile/issues/1 If you are interested please come help us out!


no serious IDE for android

I’d like to point out that once one has a local shell (connectbot, termux, etc) then they have vim already installed. But even going more “native android” there is vimtouch and vim is the perfict ide.


I could argue Xamarin is a pretty serious IDE.


Well electron is not there but hybrid apps using ionic , phone gap are there, native apps written using javascript frameworks like nativescript, react native, xamarin are also there but in both cases your will get reduced power and flexibility of that of a true native app witten in java/objectiveC/swift. So unless your app is very light weight, simplistic and basic staticish kind of usecase I would suggest staying away from those.


I am working on a GitHub project which translates pure HTML and CSS to Android XML. It attempts to achieve pixel accuracy between the browser and mobile device and can be used as a utility library for native developers.

iOS could be supported but it wouldn’t be as accurate as Android. Technically speaking you can use this system with any UI built on parent child associations. It works on all the major browsers.