Electron offline/online inventory application


Hello All,

Thanks for awesome Electron framework.

I am building an inventory management application which will be used in places where internet connection may or may not be available. So I am thinking of giving the offline Desktop application.

This application should be able to work offline and online. Offline it should connect to a local database and when online synch everything to online centralize DB.

We may need up to 500 MB of data on client side. I am thinking of using Apache CouchDB, as it provides the auto synch.

My questions are -

  1. Can Apache CouchDB embeded in Electron application or We will have to install separately.

  2. Is it good idea to use CouchDB for inventory applications OR is there other choice of SQL like DB.

  3. How do I achieve the synchronization from local to central and central to local

  4. The app I built for Electron. Will I be able to access it on Mobile / or Web App.

I am very confused on design and selection of proper tools for the job.


I can’t answer any of your database questions, but

Electron apps are web apps. Electron is essentially a stripped-down browser with Node bolted on. So you can very easily have the same app code exist on your server as the app code that gets bundled with Electron or whatever mobile framework you use, with minor tweaks.


Thanks @DamnedScholar


Can anyone please suggestion about the Embedded CouchDB in electrone package install.