Electron Launch External Terminal Application


Is it possible to make electron launch an external application like the osx terminal or windows command prompt?

I am thinking about creating an electron application where I click a button and it is able to open the terminal on mac, detect its ready state, punch something in the terminal like cd /projects/mine && vagrant up and then tab itself out to do another job.


It might be possible with a node module called terminal-tab. Please give it a try.


you will have to do this per platform

all of them have different terminals. especially if you need them to ‘stay’ there are different tweaks to do.


It wouldn’t be difficult to shunt Windows users over to a batch script. However, if you’re going to open a Vagrant instance and a terminal window to monitor it, keep in mind that the potential audience for your application might not be keen on using cmd.exe. I would personally avoid forcing Windows to open a terminal window. For audiences sufficiently tech-savvy to need to use Vagrant, popping open a terminal and entering a command should be a small price to pay for avoiding the stale, constricting environment of Windows’ default terminal program.