Electron.js - Would this be suitable for my end objective?


Hey all!

So - I’ve been trying to decide what language I’d like to learn to move forward with a project I’ve been sketching up.

I am curious if Electron is a suitable platform for my design choices and requirements.

I will be using Electron to create an application that works as a front end loader for existing programs (.exe) - etc.

The program will be somewhat similar to a Game Console UI and will be similar concept to…

I will require animations to be possible, as well as multiple transitional screens with a fully customizable UI that I will be creating. That runs a similar concept to what I’ll be doing.

I want it to interface directly with existing programs, and launch them and open them up seamlessly without any interference with a keyboard/mouse.

I want the user to be able to use either Keyboard/Mouse though if wanted, or primarily a controller as their primary choice.

So for my questions…

  1. Will I be able to use XInput devices, such as controller support - things of that nature?

  2. Can it support applications with diverse and complex animations, while keeping a smooth pace and feeling like a full fledged application?

  3. Can you also use this to create an Overlay/UI while in another application? Lets say you use the Application to launch a .exe - can I code this to make a controller button bring up an overlay/UI on the program without minimizing anything?

If this is possible - please lead me in the correct direction. From my research this all seems possible, and Electron seems to be growing. It also seems a lot more friendly to learn than C#.

I will be developing on Windows - as well as Mac OS X while on the go. Knowing that this is a multiplatform environment, I assume this will not be an issue.

Are there any libraries, things I should know? What applications would you personally recommend, with whatever plugins to suit my end objective?

Thanks for your assistance! I’ve been doing my own research quite a bit here today - but just want to hear what everyone here has to suggest.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Electron will do what you need. For the most part, just treat Electron like a browser that’s going to be accessing your app, with the exception that it’s also on your computer and can do filesystem stuff. So you should focus on learning Node first, and virtually everything that works with Node or Chrome will work with Electron (Electron is always slightly behind in the version of Chrome included in it, because it needs to be tested and stuff).