Electron - Issue With Bootstrap Modal Box Popup


Through the main script, I am starting an express server and then loading its URL to the BrowserWindow.
There is a bootstrap modal box which is supposed to be load at startup.

When I open the URL through browser, it works but however when it the url gets opened inside electron (through BrowserWindow), the modal box never gets opened.

Can someone please help me to get it work with electron? Are there any settings which can be causing this?


Is there a reason you’re loading the UI from a web server? Why not just load the page from disk using file://?


Its a complex application with so many pages using angular js and other frameworks. I am migrating it from Appjs to electron as appjs is no longer in use.

Anyway, I was able to resolve the issue by myself. Thanks for the response though.


I am new to Electron and I have an angular application which has bootstrap pop up for add and edit, its working fine in browser but when loaded in electron pop-ups are not functioning .

As you said you have been able to fix your issue can you help me out as well.



Same issue.Any help with this appreciated.


Was Anyone able to solve this? I am facing troubles with bootstrap modals as well.