Electron Idea - Looking to take second-seat in dev to learn more intermediate and advanced Node and Electron via this idea


I’ve got an idea for an Electron… widget? I’ll go with “Widget”, for lack of a better term. I would really like to work on implementing it, but if someone takes it from under me I wouldn’t be too terribly upset.


I was thinking about how OS X has a sharing feature - you can hook OS X apps up to be associated with certain traits, and then create an integration so any other app that could use that trait can actually integrate and use it.

I’d like to make a drop-in for Electron apps - something along the lines of OEmbed, whatever the hell it is that Discourse does, that OS X feature, or any other kind of data passing implementation you can think of - that allows us to pass data from one Electron app to another. Here are a few example use cases:

  • Code snippet from Atom, LightTable, or VS Code to Slack, RocketChat, WordPress, or any other content-creator
  • Tweet from Tweetman to Slack or MDNote
  • Tweet storm of whatever you’re watching on WebTorrent to Twitter via Tweetman
  • Save webpages from Brave into cryptographically-secured HTML files
  • List all your accounts from Electron apps that expose that info
  • Build a profile application, expose that info, all electron apps can now pull that info so you never need to create another profile
  • Build the above profile application into a service (API), so that when you register on one Electron app you can opt to share that info with the API and, consequentially, all Electron apps that implement it

There are endless possibilities.

My request

I’m willing to work a lot on this project. My only restriction is I’m not a rockstar Node developer - I’m still in the process of learning a lot of what makes a Node and an Electron app tick. I’d really like to learn Node and Electron as fast and as well as possible - I figure I can pitch all the effort I can into this project and learn via asking questions and observing with anyone who is willing to work on it.


I have some questions that hopefully can help focus and refine what you’re trying to do:

  1. How is what you’re suggesting different from the clipboard?
  2. Why restrict this protocol to Electron applications?
  3. Do most people have enough Electron applications on their system to make something like this worthwhile?
  4. What is this system going to make possible that wasn’t before? Or alternately what is it going to make significantly easier?

Good luck on your project!