Electron graphics glitches in MacOS High Sierra 10.13



I installed macOS Hihgh Sierra 10.13 on my Macbook Pro 15" Early 2013 16GB ram, 2,7ghz, 500gb laptop. (Fresh install full format with no old files/applications)

It started crashing and freezing and showing graphics glitches. I am not 100% sure that they have anything in common except for being annoying.

I noticed this weekend that safari was the one freezing the computer. So i started using Chrome and has not been hanging for 3 days.

When i open atom or slack i get loads of graphics glitches and now i started investigating it and seems that both are using Electron.

I wonder if there are any other people having the same issues and if anyone knows how to fix them?



Patrik, it might have something to do with your gpu. Try starting the application with --ignore-gpu-blacklist to see if that works. If it does work that will give a starting point at least.


Cool! I will try that and Cole back with result!


Any update here? I am seeing the same issue(s) with electron based apps.


Ive tested this and have not got any errors with --ignore-gpu-blacklist but seems like I have some other issues with High Sierra as well that I need to figure out.


Hey guys,

I found this thread by googling the issues I have been having with High Sierra, freezing, graphical issues etc etc. I do run slack on my Mac and was using Safari.

Can y ou tell me how to run that blac list code, I would like go give it a try with Slack.
Thank you,


I tried running atom itht he --ignore-gpu-blacklist flag and it still caused the issues this also happens with vs code and sublime text 3. If anyone has an idea or something to try to fix this that would be incredible.


Since posting that last message I tried this https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1025945/mac-cuda-9-0-driver-fully-compatible-with-macos-high-sierra-10-13-error-quot-update-required-quot-solved-/

Only been a little bit but things seem to be working better at the moment.


OK after a few hours problems returned.


Have you tried disabling the hardware acceleration?


I’m having the same problem every now and then. Slack (the MacOS electron app) sometimes start to glitch really hard. When I reload (⌘R) it’s good for a minute, or an hour.



I started having this issue as well, but I face it with other apps (slack, whatsapp).

It seems it may be a high sierra issue, or my graphics card…