Electron-friendly JavaScript framework recommendation


Hi, I’m new to the Electron and very happy to find here to discuss this exciting technology.
I’m evaluating Electron with one of the modern JavaScript frameworks to replace an old Java Swing desktop app . In terms of the ease of the integration with the Electron, between Angular 2+/4 and ReactJS (with Redux together), which one will be more Electron-friendly?

Since this desktop application requires opening multiple windows at run time and some communication among them, and I also see some challenges about handing multiple browser windows on the angular/angular-electron GitHub. (I guess this may be because Angular is essentially built on single web page design pattern). Will the ReactJS be more flexible to use the Electron ipc API and custom vanilla JavaScript?



I don’t know anything about Angular, and not a lot about React. I do know React is built in, and you may want to look at the packages in the Nuclide collection: https://nuclide.io/.


In development stage have seen all (vue, angular and react) on youtube tutorials.
And for all of them are good extensions available.
I think it is better to use the one which fits for you and not for Atom.
With Electron as desktop app all will fit fine.