Electron forum


I agree with that actually. The topics are quite distinct and since Electron is increasingly being used by many non-Atom apps, it might warrant its own forum (and slack team I’d say).

Having said that, I don’t know if there is enough demand yet. Electron/AtomShell topics on here are still somewhat rare and not very active.

Actually, I’m just seeing it’s not that rare anymore. I must have learned to ignore them :wink:


I think this is a good idea – Electron’s really developed a life of its own now :smile:


If this is true it could be partially explained by not having its own forum.


Good point. And it’s certainly increased in activity recently. I just didn’t make a conscious note of it until now.


I would challenge the “no overlap in audience” assertion. I, at least, am interested in both. Putting Electron topics on a separate forum would not be beneficial for me.

Also, Electron and Atom are inextricably linked. It isn’t https://github.com/electron/electron … it is https://github.com/atom/electron. Electron’s first customer will always be Atom.

There also isn’t enough traffic for Electron to support its own forum. While it receives more traffic than the themes or features category and almost as much as the packages category, two posts a day does not an entire forum make.


There is overlap of course, especially since Atom relies on Electron.
But keeping them in one forum forever is like saying you can’t have Office without Windows. That had to change eventually as well.

But yea, I suppose the demand for electron discussion is not exactly negatively impacting this forum yet.


And an overlap of skill sets. One doesn’t need to be familiar with Electron to answer a general CSS, JavaScript or Node question.


True but then when does that kind of question come up here? The questions here are usually very specialized towards atom, its API etc


I’d say all of the Shadow DOM questions were general CSS questions. Atom is using a pre-existing CSS technology that anyone who is familiar with the technique could answer the majority of the questions by dropping in the specific Atom selectors.


Fair point. The overlap in technology is definitely there.

I guess my point was that this is true of a lot of other apps and engines. We don’t deal with them all in the same forum.
Maybe it’s not time yet. But eventually Electron will need its own place.


Of the last six posts, three are electron. I see tons of posts every day.


You can see the statistics that Discourse tracks per category by going to the categories view:

I did mis-type. It is “topics” not “posts”. But the point still stands, two new topics per day does not a forum make.


Looks like it’s 6 topics per day, which… does a forum make. :wink:


Personally, as I’ve thought about it, I think it’s a bit premature to answer this question. The Electron community has grown at a pretty insane rate, but it is still very much grow-ing, and not at the point where it’s outgrown the Atom community just yet. We should only start a new forum IMO when the community can be self-sustaining without Atom community members, and I think it hasn’t quite gotten there yet. I think this is definitely something worth revisiting in the future, however.


The problem for me is that I haven’t figured out a way to filter the electron posts. I watch all post updates using the unread bubbles as a guide. I turned off electron in my settings to no avail.

I strongly disagree with people that say there isn’t enough traffic. I constantly see electron posts.


If you add the electron category to the Muted list in your Preferences page, any new topics that are created in the electron category will be muted:

Old topics that already have a setting other than muted will still need to be muted if you don’t want to get updates from them anymore.

How to hide message categories?

It doesn’t work. The next time a new electron post appears I will show screen caps of the bubbles and my settings.


Yes, new posts, if they are on topics that are not marked muted, will still show up in your unread count until you mute those topics here:

But new topics in those categories will be muted by default.


Thanks. I understand now. So I will see fewer and fewer but some forever.


A fix for this was recently proposed.