Electron-forge Red Hat Enterprise Linux build compatibility


Hello !

I am willing to use electron forge to build an app on different plateforms and I was wondering if it was possible to create an executable compatible for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5.

Thank you very much for your time !


The executable portion of Electron is based on Chromium, so it should be compatible with everything that that version of Chromium is compatible with. Non-ARM Linux is basically a given, since there are only a few ultra-light or very fringe distros that wouldn’t support it (and in the case of those, you could always make them support Atom; Arch’s support for Atom has been spotty in the past, but that was the case of a system library update being out of sync with what Atom’s version of Electron had*).

tl;dr, as long as an OS is able to run the very latest Chrome, I know of no reason why Electron would have any problems. If modern Chrome doesn’t support it, then you might have to compare version numbers to see what version of Electron you can use.

* Since Electron split off, development has been separate and there’s a little lag time before new versions of Chromium/Electron make it into Atom.


Thank you for the quick and precise answer !


No problem. :slight_smile: