Electron force open in new desktop


Does anyone know if it is possible to open the Electron app in a new desktop?


What do you mean by new Desktop? A new virtual desktop? And on which OS?


On OSx - I would like to open the app in a new desktop or “space” in OSx terminology. Would like it so that the app is sandboxed from other applications currently running.


This is a very Mac-specific question, and not everyone here uses Macs. You might have better luck asking in a forum frequented by a bunch of Mac experts.


I’m not sure at all, but I can imagine that, if you force your app to open in Full-Screen, then it should use an own space. I’m sure there is another solution as well.


It would need to be cross platform Windows, Linux, Mac.

I have a C++ script I have created to open into another desktop (native hooks in electron)- however, it would need to run during the electron initialization process. By the time it hits main process, it already launched in a desktop.

I will keep searching :slight_smile: