Electron does not display notifications in Windows 10

I’ve created an application via Electron that just loads my site.
On my site I have notifications, however, in Windows 10 these notifications are not displayed.

The notifications are generated as follows:

var notificacaoHub = new Notification('Title'), {
    body: 'Message',
    icon: 'ico/favicon.ico'

It happens that in Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 these messages are never displayed, but in Linux and MacOS they work normally.

The application is bundled with the electron-packager and its installer is created with Inno Setup, in the installer I created shortcuts for Desktop and Start Menu that contains the AppUserModelID that is filled exactly as in the productName of my package.json.

What could I have done wrong?

That’s all my code.

Inno Setup Shortcuts

Name: "{group}\MyApp Desktop"; Filename: "{app}\myapp-desktop.exe"; AppUserModelID: "MyApp Desktop"
Name: "{commondesktop}\MyApp Desktop"; Filename: "{app}\myapp-desktop.exe"; AppUserModelID: "MyApp Desktop"; Tasks: desktopicon

Correct code of notifications:

var notificacaoHub = new Notification('Title', {
    body: 'Message',
    icon: 'ico/favicon.ico'