Electron? Desktop x Web


if your JavaScripts app made in Electron are running into the browser with Chrome, why you guys keeping saying “We can make desktop applications” with Electron?

Whats the difference between a app developed in C or C++ programming language to run in windows (which I would say is a “desktop application”) and an app developed in Electron? Why do you say that apps developed using Electron are desktop apps?

Thanks a lot


I think its for web develope who want create desktop application.
just u know node js have so strongly modules and easy to create it

if one web developer who dont want learn other languages (c c++ java c#) Its focus the node modules of electron.
sorry for my bad english


I think the question you are trying to ask is “what is the difference between a web app running in a browser and an Electron app?” – there is a lot of commonality, and you can make an electron app which is just a web app, but it also has access to the local system in the same way as a native app (via nodejs, some electron apis, or writing your own extensions).