Electron crash report server


electron-crash-report-server is a server for collecting crash reports from your Electron based application.


  1. Download the latest version, unpack it and cd /unpacked/path

  2. Create a config.ini file with your settings; use config-sample.ini to get started

  3. Run npm install and npm start

  4. Enable crash reports from your application

     const crashReporter = require('crash-reporter')
       submitUrl: 'http://domain.tld:1127/'

    submitUrl is the server running the crash report server

  5. :bomb: your application

Reports are available at submitUrl (or your inbox by enabling email). Disabling http will remove the ability to view reports online.

Note that you need to start the crashReporter in both the main and renderer processes if you wish to generate reports from both.

bugs & features

Please create an issue if you encounter bugs or missing features.