Electron Cookie API


Hey Everyone,

Looking for some advice on setting a cookie. I am saving a value of a specific cookie to some local storage in my app. Then I am setting the data from that local storage to a variable to use as the value detail when using the session.cookies API in electron. I can log the value in the console and its the one Im looking for but the value isn’t being set in the cookie. Here is what I have written:

fs.readFile('path/to/file', 'utf8', function(err,data){
    if (err) {
      return console.log(err);
      { url : "http://www.google.com",
        name : "_spapp_session",
        value : data },
      function (error){
        if (error) throw error;

I data has my cookie value. I know value takes a string type but Im just not sure what to do from here. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for all your time!



Issue has been solved! Had to do with how I was writing the file!