Electron clipboard multiple files

hi everybody ! I want to get all files path, on copy multiple files in
with electron clipboard api
is it possible guys ? path = clipboard.readBuffer('FileNameW').toString('ucs2').replace(RegExp(String.fromCharCode(0), 'g'), ''); here is code wich will return only one file path (works for windows) if you done multiple copy files to clipboard - will return single file path
i could not find any solve please help me. thanks advance.

When I have to run such tasks I run an external script such as python to pass in arrays. Not sure to me why you have chosen clipboard as your import pipeline.

in my case - I need to get from clipboard, because of that i need - I think this task still not decided … is not it ?

This is one package I had in mind. From Electron you can run external python script(s) to perform various external tasks then pass back through clipboard. I do this with automation scripts (not always python).

thanks i will try !