Electron can´t script inside an asar archive anymore!?


Hi there,

with older electron build it was possible to access a script via “spawn” inside an asar archive. The newer ones failed with ENOENT. The file inside the adar-archive is not accessible from the spawned process (windows cscript.exe in my case)

Will this be fixed or is it simply so by design? The Question is the same described here https://github.com/atom/electron/issues/3181, which is closed. In my opinion is not a good idea to replace the asar archive with the real code…

Bye, René


reply to myself…

My App runs fine on electron 0.30.7 which contains io.js.

Any newer build of electron contains the official nodejs, and cannot spawn a script inside an asar archive. Any chance to get this feature back?

Bye, René


I’m having that error with an atom extension I’m working on. I can access/stat/etc. the asar file itself just fine, but trying to even do asar.listPackage(pathToPackage) will throw the same error. Pretty crazy frustratingly difficult to trace down, as well.

Not sure what advantages are expected from this (overly) simple format, but I’d be much happier seeing references to it go away. zlib/lzma/etc. are pretty fantastically supported everywhere, have far more libraries, etc.

The fact that there are bugs sitting open and unanswered in the in the repository regarding this issue from as far back as may regarding this issue has pretty much made me lose all interest in it. :confused:

Best I can suggest is to not use it. Pack your files in a compressed tarball, or don’t worry about making your app an .asar. I’m sorry my reply isn’t helpful to your original problem, but that’s what I got.