Electron builder doesn't import angularjs after create .exe


Hi guys,
I’m working on Electron with AngularJs.
All works fine, but when i create .exe with electron builder, all my variables are between braket : {{myVar}}… So nothing works after my .exe build.

i supposed that electron builder don’t take my angular ressource ?

Need some help pls !! :slight_smile:

thanks !


Please share your source code with us. A GitHub repo would be best.


when you build the exe, it will be only electron executable file that will be changed to your process name.
but the entire source code should be in Apps/app.asar if you build with asar flag. you should see if all node_modules/javascripts lib have been shipped properly there.


Currently my source is in private repo but i can put in in public as needed :slight_smile:
@anurocha I got a .asar file with all my dependencies inside.

How can i build a .exe who used my .asar ?

thanks guys :slight_smile:


basically, if you have .exe, you can

  1. extract the asar file by using npm asar module.
  2. you can then delete this original .asar file, and place everything you extract to ‘resources\app’ folder, then you can debug your app with raw javascript.