Electron build prerequsites fail to download, can I specify alternates?



I am trying to build Electron from code the first time (Linux - Debian Jessie)
The bootstrap command fails trying to download https://s3.amazonaws.com/github-janky-artifacts/libchromiumcontent/linux/x64/b06d4c307b861cdb091f4ba26b1a185333889033/libchromiumcontent-static.zip because of my dodgy internet connection.

I managed to download the file using a download manager, but I can’t seem to place it correctly for the bootstrap script to continue. Any guidance to where to place the downloaded file or where to extract it so as to allow the bootstrap process to continue will be greatly appreciated.

I am not familiar with python build systems, so my experiments with the scripts haven’t gone very far.



Okay, looks like it was nth time lucky. Finally managed to get the script to execute till the end. I don’t think downloading the file separately would have worked. But in case things are desperate, you can try to extract the the zip contents under /electron/vendor/brightray/vendor/download/libchromiumcontent/ where /electron is your source root folder.

The zip has one folder called static_library, extract it such that it ends up at