Electron based Audio Player: Playa!


Disclaimer: I do not know about “promotion” policies in this section, but my intent is to share the code, rather than to promote the (free, open source) app itself!

(I have seen other cases with a minimum follow up anyways ^^)

Today I release v0.1 of my audio player - it was developed and tested on OS X Yosemite only, you can find all the info here:

Main features:

  • it supports mp3, m4a, flac, ogg files (at the moment);
  • it groups music by albums;
  • it opens playlists in multiple tabs;
  • it supports Last.fm scrobbling.

The UI is handled in reactjs+flux, though I plan to change to reflux.js or something similar, because simple Flux does not handle UI status persistence well imo.

Special thanks go to wonderful libgroove playback library, that together with Electron allowed me to implement the player of my dreams ^^

Feedback welcome!

Note: installation instructions can be found here, in case you have any problems do not hesitate to write me.

How to get audio api working?

Nice job. I’m also using libgroove to build a media player with Electron.

EDIT: And I’m using it to listen to Loop also!


Cool, I had been toying with this idea for some time too, with the intent of replicating iTunes’ UI. Unfortunately UI design is not really my cup of tea, so I gave up. Kudos :+1:


Really nice. Just briefly tried it out and looks pretty good and ran/played smoothly. I posted a couple of things to the repo, not sure if you’re already aware of them or not.


Many thanks everybody for the feedback! In detail:

@john to which Loop are you referring? The Vox service?
@eboracus thank you so much, I already replied on them.


Have you started to working with reflux? there is any complication to work with the stores of the architecture flux? Your app looks awesome!


Any plans on trying to integrate it with atom via a plugin? Would really like something like this. :slight_smile: