Electron: Background ressources heavy processes



I just started using Electron and NodeJS and right now I am having trouble creating a background process that will be running heavy processing without impacting on the UI and the responsiveness of the app. I googled a lot but can’t quite understand how to implement the concepts I’ve read about online. Concepts like nodeJS > child_process.fork() .

What makes it even harder is the fact that I can’t see any feedback from the main process. I’m on windows 10 and > console.log() from the main process shows nothing, not even in the CLI.

A little help is really appreciated.

How to handle heavy processing tasks

@paulcbetts created the electron-remote Node module that can be used to create a background task pool. Perhaps it is more than you need, but it is something that might simplify what you’re trying to do.


Thank you sir for your answer but can you be a little more specific as to
how I implement that? Kind regards.


The README for the module has the information you’re looking for:


Many thanks.