Electron Auto-Updates - Paid Service?



As Electron seems to get more and more popular I think there might be a market for paid hosting / maintenance for the auto updater for electron apps ?

I have to maintain Mac and Windows AppStore versions of my app plus the Mac / Windows / Linux desktop versions. And soon I will ad 2 more applications.

I did not implement an auto updater yet as I just don’t have the time to create it and maintain it. If there would be a paid service which would offer pain free cross platform auto-updates (including hosting) I would instantly shelf out $$$ for it. Just to avoid the hazzle todo it all myself.

Maybe others feel the same way ?



Electron community tools make it kind of a no-brainer, so I’m not sure this would do very well as a SaaS


markusmoenig, NO. Electron will not be some paid service bullshit app service. it seems you have money. take your money and pay somebody to do maintenance on your apps, do not push stupid ideas on Electron, the Electron community does not want this.


More and more commercial products use Electron. It’s just a matter of time until commercial services and solutions are offered for these products. If you think thats stupid is up to you.

Another example would be subscription support for the various AppStores. Happy to pay (or sponsor the development) for an add-on which would handle this.