Electron Application Performance on Ubuntu 19.10

Hi there community!

I’m unsure if I’m asking for help in the right place, but this seemed better than an ambiguous Github issue.

I recently updated my development environment to Ubuntu 19.10 from Ubuntu 19.04. This was the only change I made to my environment. After installing the latest update, I found that all the electron based applications I use on a daily basis seem to be very sluggish, Slack being the biggest culprit here (it keeps randomly freezing).

I know a lot of software changed with the update, so I’m not sure where to start looking for the regression.

Has anyone else has experienced issues since updating?

I am trailing in your wake … I have Ubuntu 16.04. I have no plans to update just yet.

My guess would be to inspect memory usage. And swap. You do not summarise your environment (PC, RAM).

One important utility to try is stacer. You can then inspect memory per process.

Also I recommend posting questions in ubuntu forum.

Sorry, should have mentioned hardware.

I use a Lenovo P52 laptop. Intel i7 8750H, 32GB of RAM, Nvidia Quadro P1000 GPU.

I’ll inspect memory usage, thanks!

32 GB is a very healthy size.

Here is just one thread in ubuntuforums.

Have the same issue with Slack on Ubuntu 19.10.
It even completely freezes the UI at times.
However, opening Slack in browser tab instead of a snap app works just fine…