Electron application AppStore release



I have a problem with publishing the Electron app into AppStore.

I got this review message:
Your app saves user data to the app’s container, which is not user accessible, as documented in the “Container Directories and File System Access” of App Sandbox Design Guide:

“The container is in a hidden location, and so users do not interact with it directly. Specifically, the container is not for user documents. It is for files that your app uses, along with databases, caches, and other app-specific data.”

It seems pretty clear, but I am not saving anything except:
electron-settings -> saves to app.getPath(“userData”)
downloaded files -> saves to Downloads by default (has this permission in entitlements and inside the AppStore) or into directory specified by user by Save Dialog
2 files for adblocking - saved into application root folder as those files are used by the app and it should be allowed by Apple

Can you please help me with it?
I will very appreciate any help.