Electron app signing procedure



We are building an Electron app. We are currently working on the auto updating functionality of our application using the auto-updater.

We are struggling with the code signing procedure. I found this page codesign in the docs but this does not help a lot. I found how Atom does it but running the code on my end throws ‘ENOENT’.

This is the code we are using:

function codeSign() {
  var spawn = require('child_process').spawnSync;
  var command = 'codesign';
  var args = [
    'Developer ID Application: Caret',
    path.join(__dirname, '/tmp/Caret.app')

    cmd: command,
    args: args

My question is: Does someone have gone through the process of signing Electron application and what are the required steps? Note that we don’t have any experience and knowledge in this area so as simple as possible answer would be of great help.


I find this post explains codesign procedure for mac apps but haven’t tried. Hope it will be helpful.

And if you already solved this problem, may be post the answer would be great.